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Notes: Ferry Advisory Committee Meeting 11/09

The November FAC meeting was held on Orcas Island. Several very important topics were on the agenda including the appointment of a new FAC rep for Orcas Island, the proposed Winter schedule, and questions about the proposed reservation system. Please take a few minutes to review John Whetten’s notes which are posted below.

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FAC meeting notes from John Whetten

Thanks to John Whetten, FAC rep for Lopez Island, for sharing his notes from this week’s FAC meeting. I am posting them below in their entirety. Several important topics were discussed during this meeting–at least one of which may be appropriate to bring up during the FCP meeting that will be held on the morning of Saturday, November 5 at the public library in Anacortes. Reps. Morris, Seaquist, and Lytton have said they plan to attend. More information will be posted next week. In the meantime, here are John’s notes.

Much of the meeting was spent discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly related to last week’s unprecedented double whammy with casualties to both the Yakima and Hiyu. WSF was given much credit for delaying dry docking of the Chetzemoka and putting it into service as the interisand boat. WSF was criticized for poor communication with the dock agents and the public in the early stages of the problem
(occurring on Tuesday, October 11). A new Emergency Plan will be devised.

The state-wide Super Committee to come up with ways to finance the State’s transportation needs by Thanksgiving has so far not come up with anything. Only two more meetings are scheduled.

Much of the federal grant received by WSF to improve access to the Friday Harbor dock will be spent on an ADA-compliant sidewalk. (The money comes from ADA funds). See lead story in this morning’s Sanjuanislander.com. for more details.

Still no Orcas person to replace Ed Sutton on the FAC. An applicant will be interviewed in the next week or two.

Melissa Johnson, from WSF, continues to provide superb coordination between the FAC, WSF, and our dock agents.

The scheduling subcommittee (Corenman, Rosenfeld, Brantigan, and I) will have our first meeting with WSF schedulers this afternoon on the Winter 2012 schedule.

The next meeting of the FAC, originally scheduled for Lopez, will be held on Orcas on November 9, 2011 in the morning at a time and place to be designated.

FCP Meeting Notes, 2/19/11

This is coming a little late, but there is information related to last Saturday’s FCP meeting that is important to share with you. There are links provided here to 3 files. First, notes from the meeting which focus primarily on effective strategies for lobbying efforts. Second, am Excel spreadsheet that provides a matrix of the current bills related to WSF. Finally, a very helpful version of the Ferries Fact Sheet that condenses all the information presented in earlier versions into a format that can be printed on one sheet, back-to-back. I will bring copies of this to the March 9 community meeting on Lopez.

An official announcement will be made next week, but I wanted to let you know that the March 12 FCP meeting will be held in Anacortes at the library between 10:30 and 12:30. This schedule and location enables San Juan Islanders to attend and provide input. FCP members will provide rides from and to the ferry terminal so you can walk on. Please put this on your calendars now. We need to have good representation at this meeting. More information will be posted next week.

Notes, FAC Meeting (2-09-11)

John Whetten has shared his unofficial notes from this week’s FAC meeting in Friday Harbor. They are posted below in full. There are a couple of things I’d like to highlight.

1. Note that the draft summer schedule will be available soon for comment. We’ll post a notification here, but it will be very important that you respond in a timely way. We appreciate that WSF is planning to include an explanatory narrative and hope they will follow up on John’s suggestion that they provide feedback on the input received.

2. Scenic Byways–I believe this is something the Chambers of Commerce and San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau are taking the lead on for the other islands. Lopez needs to take another look at being involved. Would we start with our Chamber of Commerce?

3. Finally, I will email Kari about scheduling another FCP meeting up this way. I will ask about March 5 or 12.

Here are John’s notes:

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