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Push to fully fund ferrries continues

We received this message via the Ferry Community Partnership.  Drew Hansen is the House Representative for the 23rd District.

“You may have read that my proviso that the Legislature intends to fully fund ferries in 2013-15 and directs WSF outreach consistent with that intent was stripped out of the final Transportation budget. We didn’t give up, though, and today the chairs of the Transportation Committees (Rep. Clibborn in the House and Sen. Haugen in the Senate) sent this joint letter to Gov. Gregoire, asking her to make the same direction to WSF. I’ll let you know what happens next with this; we’re going at it on every level we can find.



Sen. Haugen & Rep. Clibborn’s letter


HB 2053: Fee Increases to Support Transportation

Yesterday there was a hearing on HB 2053, a bill that would provide funding for various state transportation projects by raising various licensing fees. The Ferry Advisory Council, Washington Ferries Coalition, Todd Pacific Shipyards, Washington State Patrol, and several local government associations and contracting groups support this bill as a step toward identifying sustainable funding not just for ferries, but for a number of transportation projects throughout the state.

Here is a link to information about HB 2053. If you feel you can support this bill, please send a short email to members of the Transportation Committee. Contact information is available here. This is time sensitive. You would need to write by mid-day Wednesday (April 13).

Here are links to several articles published today related to ferry-related bills.

Bill to increase license fees criticized at hearing

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Senate approves ferry management, surcharge bills

House Transportation Committee discusses ferries

The State House Transportation Committee met on January13. The first 30 minutes or so of the meeting focused on WSF. David Moseley made a presentation as did the Governor’s Executive Policy Advisor, Teresa Berntsen, then committee members were able to ask questions.

If interested, you can listen to the presentations, questions, and responses by clicking here. Thanks to John Whetten for sharing this.