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Ferry Community Partnership meeting with Ferry Caucus

This is short notice, but if anyone is available, the Ferry Community Partnership will be meeting with state legislators who are members of the Ferry Caucus on Thursday, March 7 at 8 a.m. in Senate Hearing Room 3 in Olympia. The purpose of this meeting is to talk about the ferries in the Biennial Transportation Budget and the Transportation Package and to get feedback from legislators on these and other ferry-related issues.

If you can attend, please reply to this post so we can let FCP leadership know.


Liquid Natural Gas discussion at next Ferry Community Partnership meeting

This is short notice, but if you are interested in the proposal to convert ferries to liquid natural gas (LNG), you may want to Skype into this Saturday’s Ferry Community Partnership (FCP) meeting. To do this, you need a Skype account and you need to give your Skype username to Kevin Matthews by 3 p.m. Friday (tomorrow). You can reach him at 360-473-5293 or kevin.matthew@ci.bremerton.wa.us.

Here is the agenda for the Saturday meeting (runs from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.). Have Skype open on your computer or mobile device about 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

9:30am:              Begin Meeting.

9:35am:              Legislative Update – Biennial Trans Budget – Transportation Package – Bill Status

10:00am:            Presentation – Alex Zecha on LNG Conversion

10:30am:            Lobbying Update  – Adam and Greg on Jan 30 – Rack Cards-Charlotte –no  Feb 5 Appointments yet – Check new bills

11:00am:            Planning – Possible breakfast meeting with Ferry Caucus Feb 22 – more lobbying –

Bill Status

Approved by FCP

HB1082             Ferry Fares – Appleton – ref to Transportation

HB1129             Ferry Construction – Morris – 1/31 Hearing – House Transportation at 3:30 PM

New Bills

HB 1485            Transportation Benefit District Funding – Fey

SB 5190             Transportation Funding – Eide & King

SB 5024             Transportation Budget – Eide & King

Formal invitation to Saturday’s FCP meeting

Hi all,

I don’t have an agenda yet, but am going to publish the formal invitation to Saturday’s Ferry Community Partnership meeting in Bremerton. If you can, I hope you will attend. If it’s not possible to go to Bremerton, the instructions for being included in a Skype call are in the invitation.

Dear Ferry Riders,

2013 has come and so has our annual meeting to plan, set goals, and
get ready for the new Legislative Session. As you have probably read,
this will be an interesting session with the leadership of Senate in
flux, many new members in the House, and a new Governor taking office.

We will meeting in the downstairs chambers of the Norm Dicks
Government Center at 345 6th Street in Bremerton at Noon. Free
Parking is available on the Parking Lot just west of the building, on
the spots marked “City of Bremerton” on 5th Street, or in the City
Parking Garage on Washington Ave.

We will be discussing among other things, integration of the
long-term capital plan with the WSDOT Budget, a possible LNG
Conversion, a Bill on Accident/Incident Investigations, a 3rd or 4th
Olympic Class Boat, and a possible new Tariff Review Committee. Then
we will discuss our plan for moving ferry legislation through the
House and Senate. Anyone is free to leave at any time during the
proceedings, but everyone will be given an opportunity to have their

We will have water and coffee, and we’ll ‘pass the hat’ for a donation
for “Ferries are Marine Highways” Buttons. Feel free to support local
business like Cornerstone Coffee on 5th or Rimnan Thai and Larry &
Kristy’s Bakery just across the Manette Bridge before the meeting or
during a break..

For those wishing to Skype, please contact Kevin Matthew at
(360)473-5293 <kevin.matthew@ci.bremerton.wa.us> by 3pm Friday to make
arrangements. This one may be different as it will be our first Skype
in the Chambers Downstairs.

We hope to see you there at Noon on Saturday to help save the ferries
for this and future generations.


Adam C. Brockus
Bremerton City Councilman

FCP Meeting Reminder: Saturday, Jan. 5

The next meeting of the Ferry Community Partnership (FCP) will be on Saturday, January 5, 2013 in the First Floor Chambers of the Norm Dicks Government Center in Bremerton.

This meeting is starting at a special time,  12 noon, so that ferry riders from the San Juans can attend.

There will be a lot to talk about, including what recommendations FCP wants to make regarding a new transportation package, whether FCP wants to advocate for a 3rd Olympic Class Boat, and how to lobby for fixing the system.

Skyping into the meeting is also an option. If you are interested, post a reply to this comment and we’ll put you in touch with the contact person in Bremerton.

We’ll post a full agenda as soon as one is available.

M.V. Yakima out of service

Yesterday it was the M.V. Sealth. Now today, if you plan to head to Anacortes, you may have to rethink your travel plans. The M.V. Yakima was taken out of service this morning for repairs and this is impacting the new schedule. Here is the bulletin currently posted on the WSF website:

Ana/SJs-Cancelled Sailing-Yakima OOS due to necessary repairs to ves.-Correction
The Yakima is out of service due to necessary repairs to the vessel. This will cancel the 9:00 am sailing from Anacortes to Orcas, and 10:00am sailing from Orcas to Friday Harbor. This will also cancel the 11:10 am sailing from Friday Harbor to Orcas,the 12:00 Noon Orcas to Shaw, 12:15pm Shaw to Lopez, and 12:45pm sailing from Lopez to Anacortes. We apologize for the inconvenience. Updates will occur when more information becomes available.

This is yet another manifestation of the consequences of an aging fleet with limited back-up boats. Please urge your elected officials to use the upcoming legislative session to come to grips with this ongoing problem. It’s only going to get worse.

The Ferry Community Partnership meets again on Jan. 5. They have delayed their starting time to noon so San Juan Islanders can attend in person.  More information will be posted later this week. If you cannot attend in person, but would be interested in Skyping into the meeting, post a reply to this message and we’ll get you in touch with the appropriate FCP people. The topic of this meeting will be lobbying efforts for the upcoming session. Timely and very important!

Time to pick up your pen…

During last September’s Ferry Community Partnership (FCP) meeting in Anacortes, elected officials who attended the meeting assured everyone there that letters and emails do make a difference. In that spirit, it’s time to contact governor-elect Jay Inslee to share concerns you may have related to WSF and to make constructive suggestions about ways to tackle the problems currently facing our ferry system.

The FCP has put together a rack card, a draft of which can be accessed here. Once the final copy is available, we plan to modify it somewhat by adding ferry facts related to the San Juan Islands, but the four main talking points remain the same and you may want to use some or all when you make your contact. These points are also provided below for your convenience.

So please write or call Governor-elect Inslee today. He can be reached at:

P.O. Box 21067
Seattle, WA 98111

Integrate WSF into WSDOT

#1 Marine Highways budget must be integrated into the State-wide Transportation Infrastructure

  • WSF’s 30 year plan represents 3.2% of total WSDOT budget


#2 Build 3rd 144-car vessel and Replace old vessels as needed 

  • WSF must build a vessel every other year to retire existing boats as they reach 60 years of age


#3 Maintain current levels of service on all routes

  • 22 vessels serve about 23 million passengers and 11 million cars annually.
  • Defer further implementation of the reservation system until at least 2015   saves $4 million now

Fare Increases

#4 No greater than 2.5% per year baseline

  • Farebox recovery for ferry operations is 70%, farebox recovery for Metro transit is 25% and around 9% for Sound Transit

Have you written to legislators yet?

Now is the time to take a few minutes to put together an email and get it out to members of the State Senate transportation committee. There will be a hearing tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3:30 p.m. on Christine Rolfes’ bill that gives more authority to local ferry advisory committees.

Kari Ulatoski sent out the following message and links yesterday. The first provides additional information you may want to include in your email. The second is a link to an email list for committee members.

Bill seeks greater rider input in setting ferry fares

State Senate Transportation Committee

Hi all,

This is a great time to email the Transportation Committee members! The hearing is 3:30 in the Senate Transportation Committee. A number of people will be testifying on your behalf, but we need a good showing just in the audience if possible as well as letters. If you haven’t already done so, please do. You can also use any of the info on the talking points as well. [This refers to the FCP Goals posted yesterday.]