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Notes from October San Juan Islands Reservations Planning Partnership Group meeting

The first meeting of the San Juan Islands Reservations Planning Partnership Group met in Friday Harbor on October 24th. I attended the meeting as a member of the public. Although these meetings are public, citizens who are not members of the Planning Group are limited to speaking at the end of the meeting during the time allotted for public comments.

Here are my notes from that meeting: San Juan Islands Reservations Planning Partnership Meeting October 24, 2012

For a shorter version, this article in the San Juan Islander offers a good summary: Reservations expressed about reservations

The next meeting will take place in Friday Harbor on December 6th. The time has not yet been announced. We will post the meeting details as soon as we have them.

See WSF’s Vehicle Reservation Planning page for the project background and more info.


Meeting materials for first San Juan Islands reservations partnership meeting

Brian Churchwell, Program Manager for the reservations planning program, emailed me the meeting materials packet for this Wednesday’s meeting. This meeting is open to the public, and interested members of the public are encouraged to attend.

“WSF is planning Phase 2 of its reservations program, which includes expanding reservations for San Juan Islands routes. It has convened the Partnership Group to gather input on feasibility, system design and policy decisions.

Download the meeting materials here: SJI Partnership Packet 2012_1024

Reminder: First Reservation Partnership meeting October 24th

A reminder that the first meeting for the San Juan Islands Partnership Group will be held next Wednesday, October 24th in Friday Harbor from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The meeting will be at Friday Harbor House on 130 West Street.

The ferry schedule is as follows:

  • Departure – 9:30 from Anacortes or interisland sailing (depart Lopez 9:55, Shaw 10:15, Orcas 10:35)
  • Return – 1:55 to Anacortes or interisland sailing departing Friday Harbor at 2:20pm.

WSF’s Reservations Planning web page has not yet been updated with the meeting  materials, but we will let you know as soon as it is.

FYI: The monthly meeting of the Ferry Advisory Committee will also be held on the 24th, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am at the Large Conference Room, Legislative Building, 55 Second St., Friday Harbor.

Members of Community Input Committee Announced

Earlier this month WSF put out a call for residents who would be interested in serving on a committee that will look at the proposed vehicle reservation system for the San Juan Islands. The list of committee members was just released and is shown below. No initial meeting date has been announced yet. These meetings are public and all residents are invited to attend.

Ferry Reservation Committee members :

Mark Lione Anacortes

Kathy Booth Lopez

Cass Clark Lopez

Susan Young Lopez

Ken Burtness Lopez

Jamie Stephens Lopez

John Whetten Lopez

Clark Johnson Lopez

Mike Aley Orcas

Lance Evans Orcas

Tony Ghazel Orcas

John Poletti Orcas

Mike Stolmeier Orcas

Larry Vandermay Orcas

Carol Anderson San Juan

Deborah Hopkins San Juan

Pat McKay San Juan

Terresa Sundstrom San Juan

Sally Thomsen San Juan

Jim Corenman San Juan

John Ness San Juan

Howie Rosenfeld San Juan

John Brantigan Shaw

Margot Shaw Orcas

Wally Gudgell Orcas

William Pike Mount Vernon

John McLeod Orcas

David Dubbell San Juan

WSF presents update on reservation system at Partnership Group meeting

At the July 25th Port Townsend‐Coupeville Partnership Group meeting, WSF representatives presented updates on how the new reservation system is working for the Coupeville-Post Townsend and Anacortes-Sidney runs.

From an article on the Peninsula Daily News online:

“The report presented on Wednesday said that the next reservation rollout should be preceded by more testing, training and customer education and should not occur during the summer months.

“Outreach to commercial customers was not adequate to prepare them for the changes, the report added.”

Details about the presentation, including “lessons learned,” usage numbers, and the results of the customer input survey, can be read in the meeting materials here:

PT Coupeville Partnership Packet 2012-07-25

More details about reservation system implementation

Last night WSF held a meeting with the Port Townsend-Coupeville Partnership Group, which is the community group working with WSF on the vehicle reservation system. The meeting summary is not yet available, but the meeting handout has some interesting details on how some aspects of the system might be configured.

Specifically, the meeting handout covers the following aspects of reservations:

  • Deposit policies
  • Making a reservation online
  • Change and cancellation policies

You can download the Partnership Meeting Packet 2011-12-15 to see more information about what was presented at this meeting.

At the community meeting in Friday Harbor December 1st, David Moseley was asked  about implementation of the reservation system in two key areas:

  1. Challenges with adding lanes to existing ferry landings.
  2. Questions about whether electronic fare payment (Wave2Go) can successfully adapt to the requirements of the reservation system.

Moseley’s answers to these questions did not offer any specific information on these issues, only rather vague promises to the effect that “we’ll work that out in due time.” According to the project partnership schedule, WSF will be meeting with “commercial representatives” in early 2012 to discuss San Juan Islands commercial reservations. (Those representatives have not yet been identified.) In addition, a San Juan Islands “customer group” is scheduled to be formed in 2012. We’re curious as to how that group will be chosen, and we’ll let our readers know as soon as we have more information on the San Juan Islands Partnership Group.