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WSF organizational chart

I found an organizational chart form the Passenger Vessel Association WSF Governance Study published in December of last year. The chart and the full study are also available on our Downloads page.

WSF org chart

The PVA Report has excellent information on the structure of WSF’s management and legislative oversight. The report also describes alternative management and governance structures form other ferry systems around the U.S. and British Columbia. These options are very much worth examining as the State struggles with a system that is now in crisis.


FCP Meeting, 1/29/11

In the spirit of keeping readers informed about the weekly FCP meetings being held every Saturday for the near future, I am sharing the email Kari Ulatoski sent out today regarding tomorrow’s meeting agenda. In addition to the link included in the body of the email, Kari included 6 attachments that I will link at the end of this post, including the actual agenda.

There is a lot of material covered in the attachments, but it’s worth your review when you have time.

If FCP did schedule another Saturday meeting in Anacortes, would you attend? The offer has been made, but we would want to be sure enough islanders could attend to make it worthwhile for FCP to come up this way. When the meeting was held there in December, FCP leaders based the time on the ferry schedule and offered rides from and to the terminal. If you might be interested in attending, please add a comment to this post.

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WSF boggles the mind–A letter to the editor

For those of you who have been “in the know” about the ferry system for some time, today’s post may not include new information. But readers who are learning more about WSF will be interested in reading Wayne I. Smith’s letter to the editor that appeared in the South Whidbey Reader on 12/30/10. The full text of his letter follows:

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Passenger Vessel Association’s WSF Governance Report

When the Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) published its WSF Expert Panel Report in September, the governor requested a follow-up report on WSF governance which was just released on 12/22/10. In a nutshell, the report states that with stable funding and less political interference, WSF would be a much better functioning operation.

An article that appeared in yesterday’s HeraldNet provides a summary of the report’s findings. The complete report is available here and is also posted on the Documents page for future reference.