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Press release: Governor’s office

As promised, today we are publishing a link to the press release released by the governor’s office on 1/6/11. We published initial reactions from Kari Ulatoski (FCP) on Thursday. These can be accessed here.

I think the thing to remember at this point is that no action has been taken yet on any of this, nor will it be taken immediately. It’s important to keep updated and involved. If you have not yet sent your letter to the governor, you may want to include your thoughts about her proposal. Again, please be specific and support your statements with examples.


WSF Issues Press Release RE: Inaccurate Reporting about Chetzemoka

There’s been a lot in the press recently about the new ferry, the Chetzemoka. Discussions have covered everything from cost overruns to why the boat lists. In response to all this attention, WSF sent out a press release intended to correct misunderstandings. You can review the content of the press release in this Seattle PI blog post.