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Please write states reps today

There is some confusion about the status of transportation funding at this time. It is true that the two-year transportation operational budget was passed at the tail end of the regular session and signed by the governor. However, the ten-year transportation package for capital and other expenses has not been passed. It is likely that it will be considered in the House tomorrow or Tuesday. Rep. Larry Seaquist has asked the Ferry Community Partnership (FCP) to beat the bushes to find people to send emails to all state reps to encourage passage of this package. The information sent this morning from the FCP is below. It is true that Kris Lytton and Jeff Morris support this legislation, but they need to be able to say they’ve heard from ‘X’ number of constituents who have expressed support. So please read the info below and act. I’m including the list of email addresses that FCP sent so you don’t have to click elsewhere to find them. Thanks!

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Formal invitation to Saturday’s FCP meeting

Hi all,

I don’t have an agenda yet, but am going to publish the formal invitation to Saturday’s Ferry Community Partnership meeting in Bremerton. If you can, I hope you will attend. If it’s not possible to go to Bremerton, the instructions for being included in a Skype call are in the invitation.

Dear Ferry Riders,

2013 has come and so has our annual meeting to plan, set goals, and
get ready for the new Legislative Session. As you have probably read,
this will be an interesting session with the leadership of Senate in
flux, many new members in the House, and a new Governor taking office.

We will meeting in the downstairs chambers of the Norm Dicks
Government Center at 345 6th Street in Bremerton at Noon. Free
Parking is available on the Parking Lot just west of the building, on
the spots marked “City of Bremerton” on 5th Street, or in the City
Parking Garage on Washington Ave.

We will be discussing among other things, integration of the
long-term capital plan with the WSDOT Budget, a possible LNG
Conversion, a Bill on Accident/Incident Investigations, a 3rd or 4th
Olympic Class Boat, and a possible new Tariff Review Committee. Then
we will discuss our plan for moving ferry legislation through the
House and Senate. Anyone is free to leave at any time during the
proceedings, but everyone will be given an opportunity to have their

We will have water and coffee, and we’ll ‘pass the hat’ for a donation
for “Ferries are Marine Highways” Buttons. Feel free to support local
business like Cornerstone Coffee on 5th or Rimnan Thai and Larry &
Kristy’s Bakery just across the Manette Bridge before the meeting or
during a break..

For those wishing to Skype, please contact Kevin Matthew at
(360)473-5293 <kevin.matthew@ci.bremerton.wa.us> by 3pm Friday to make
arrangements. This one may be different as it will be our first Skype
in the Chambers Downstairs.

We hope to see you there at Noon on Saturday to help save the ferries
for this and future generations.


Adam C. Brockus
Bremerton City Councilman

State Senators Discuss Transportation

Last Tuesday, State Senators Mary Margaret Haugen (D-Camano Island) and Curtis King (R-Yakima) were interviewed by Jessica Gao regarding transportation concerns, including the ferry system. The 14-minute interview can be viewed here. The first 6 minutes will be of particular interest to residents of ferry-served communities.

Thanks to FAC members Howie Rosenfeld and John Whetten for passing along this link.

Update on legislation

Leaders of the Ferry Community Partnership are doing a great job in terms of posting updates on what’s happening in Olympia and in getting people there to testify before various committees and/or meet with individual legislators. Here is the most recent update from Adam Brockus.

We had a great day in Olympia. It started out with the news that the Senate passed a couple of Fee Packages that included enough funding for both the 2nd 144-car boat and Ferry Operations until at least 2015.

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Update on Transportation bills

Senator Rolfes has an update for the Ferry Community Partnership (FCP) on the progress of transportation funding:

The Senate passed the fee bill last night with very little fanfare,
which includes enough money for the last boat and sustained service for the short-term. The ferry advisory committee bill is dead, but we have enough information now to really work on it over the interim (pre-2013). And we’re gaining a little steam on POF [passenger-only ferry] issues. I’d have preferred 10 year service stability, but we bought some time to focus on that next year.

We’ll see, when the Transportation Budget is released, whether we’re going to be ok. Then, you guys can activate… I’d consider it a job well done. At least for the next 4 days…

Senate fee bills: SB6455, SB6150

There is another transportation fee bill making its way through the House which appears to offer some short-term budget relief. We will continue to keep our readers posted on the progress of these bills and other transportation funding news.