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Upcoming Voice of Washington Survey

The following message was sent out Sunday, November 18. If you have already registered to participate in V.O.W.S., keep an eye out for the survey notification. If you have not registered, please take a moment to do so now (directions provided in the message below). This is important and it is not the same as the F.R.O.G. surveys. You need to register separately for this. Thanks!

This January, the State Legislature and Governor will be faced with tough choices – should transportation taxes be raised or services be cut?

To help decision-makers, the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) will soon be sending you an on-line survey covering transportation funding and policy issues.  We hope you will consider responding.  The results will be reported directly to the Governor and Legislature at the start of the 2013 session.  We already have 17,000 WA citizens who have indicated a willingness to help.  Many have also invited their neighbors to participate.

If you know of any neighbors or friends who would like to share their opinions or concerns about how to fund and improve Washington State’s transportation system – our roads, transit, rail, airports, bike paths and sidewalks – please forward this email to them.  All they need to do to receive the survey is register for the Voice of Washington State (VOWS) survey panel at:


You may let them know that the VOWS program is a new, online public input program utilizing short surveys that allows WA citizens an opportunity to share their thoughts on what our state’s priorities should be and how we should pay for them.  The VOWS program has been featured in the Seattle Times, Spokesman Review, Yakima Herald, and numerous local papers as a way for citizens to give direct input to the state leaders on the tough issues facing our state.

For more information on the VOWS program or WSTC, please call or email us at 360.705.7070 or transc@wsdot.wa.gov or visitwww.wstc.wa.gov .


Dan O’Neal, Chairmen
Washington State Transportation Commission